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Malmedie QPB 41/61 Multistage Press

Malmedie QPB-41/61 Multistage PressMalmedie QPB-41/61 Multistage PressRedimo offers a service which guarantees a qualified mechanical engineering and service, so that the forging machines which are still under production fulfil the technical requirements based on the specification of the product.

Accuracy grade of the parts and productivity of the machines, connected with a flexible setting-up system, are the requirements for an economical production. This is a basic condition in order to be competitive in the international markets. Expertly rebuilt and modernised presses are the basis for the reaching of the given parameters.

In cooperation with our customers, we have first analyzed the work process / the handling of the machine to find approaches to minimize the work processes and to minimize material losses caused by wire scraps.

The requirement to us was that the customer has the possibility to use a wide variety of materials from coiled material and also from bars. Right here was the starting point. The bars are only available in lengths of about 3000 mm. Accordingly, the material loss in proportion to the amount of material used for the forging parts was very high, the handling of the bars very complicated.

As part of the general rebuilding due to a new electrical system, we have integrated a wire end treatment which allows us to use the material up to three cut-off / slugs. The fitting of the machine with rods can be done by hand or fully automatically in combination with a bar rack magazine.

With this solution, it is possible to produce large batches from the coiled material or to produce a special part in smaller amounts which is only available from the bars.

At present we are analyzing the possibility to integrate an induction heating system in such kind of machine, which allows to produce parts from high strength materials.

This kind of retrofitting / modernisation was realized by us on several machines from several different kinds of machine manufacturers.

The combination of the above described systems allows to use the machine as flexible as possible, either as cold or as hot forging machine. Of course the machine corresponds to all guidelines according to the CE-certification.

If you have a similar or another case, we would be pleased to be at your disposal at any time.

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