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We are there for you – worldwide and around the clock !We are there for you – worldwide and around the clock !

As acknowledged professionals in the maintenance, repair and sales of new and rebuilt machinery, we offer expert consulting, many years of experience and, most importantly, a solutionbased approach.

Together with you, we decide whether your machine needs  to   be partially  or  totally rebuilt, or if it requires additional modernisation. For us, the whole  process begins  when  we  collect  the machine from your factory.

From then on, everything – from the initial design and the various processing stages, to final delivery – is handled by us. Our engineers keep you continually informed about the current status of the project, and discuss the further procedures needed with you.                    

We are there for you – worldwide and around the clock!

Current Rebuilding

Malmedie QPB-41/61 Multistage Press



Used Machinery

  • National M 34 S1

  • National 89 2 DIE 3 BLOW

  • National 56 2 DIE 3 BLOW

  • Peltzer Ehlers MM 3-5

  • Nedschroef Boltmaker HPT2

Modernisation / Rebuilding


The rebuilding starts with a complete dismantling of the machine. After the dismantling all parts will be power cleaned and assigned to the individual building groups. In the next step each part will be controlled, measured, if necessary checked for tears and the result documented in written form.



ServiceYou are used to making your own decisions. So why not do the same when it comes to machinery consulting services?. In order to support you with your tendency after maximum availability of your production machines - we are there for you – worldwide and around the clock!


New Machinery


Redimo represents the company RMG, the world-wide largest manufacturer of inline wire drawers, uncoilers, and other accessories, and the company Sakamura a Japanese manufacturer of cold, warm and hot forging machines.